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Lady from USA, Europe, Australia: Anya 30 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

Russian bride

Lady from USA, Europe, Australia: Juliya 28 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

Russian bride

Lady from USA, Europe, Australia: Sevil 31 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

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Lady from USA, Europe, Australia: Екатерина 31 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

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Lady from USA, Europe, Australia: Yana 35 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

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Lady from USA, Europe, Australia: ольга 35 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

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Lady from USA, Europe, Australia: Polina 39 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

Russian bride

Lady from USA, Europe, Australia: Irina 33 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

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Lady from USA, Europe, Australia: Masha 22 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

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Lady from USA, Europe, Australia: Диана 35 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

Russian bride

Lady from USA, Europe, Australia: Natalia 35 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

Russian bride

Lady from USA, Europe, Australia: Linda Diaz 30 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

Russian bride

Lady from USA, Europe, Australia: Ramazanova 35 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

Russian bride

Lady from USA, Europe, Australia: Таня 38 y.o. wants to find a partner from USA, Europe, Australia

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You can become a member and just pay for a subscription: Silver or gold, and this will allow you to have unrestricted communication with all the beautiful Russian brides on our site. You will have access to all services: TOP galleries and sending letters to all women, that the capture your attention e.t.c. Our site allows you to use a lot of templates to make it faster for you to write a letter.

Online translator for free use

We care about the convenience of communication on our website. Some women do not know English or other languages. Follow that you can use online translator. You can use it for translation of your letters. If you are not a paying member it free too.

Exchange e-mail with ladies listed in our agency

Out service dose not have any limitation of exchange personal information with a lady. When you want you can exchange e-mails with her and communicate on your personal email. By the way, it is best practice to take a telephone number of your lady in 2 weeks.

Ways to contact the women on the site

Our site offers many different ways to begin contact with Russian women: winks, postcards, quick messages, ice-breaks.

If you want to increase the number of ladies, responding to your message, send a brief letter in which you write them what attracted your attention in their profiles. Be a gentleman!

Become a Leader! Put your photos in top photo rating

This is a good opportunity to advertise himself. Prepare the best photo and put it in photo rating. This will attract the attention of large numbers of women to your profile. Let Ukrainian and Russian ladies put marks to it. Look at the photo with highest ranking, can you put better and become Leader? Rate the brides’ pictures, try to find your beautiful bride there.

When a pretty lady rated your photo for maximum points, your will have notification in you mailbox.

This event is a good case to start communicating. Do not be afraid to communicate with those who like your appearance. Try to find common interest. Start a dating. Find your love or soulmate.

What brides are online now.

This information is not accessible on many other things matrimonial sites, sometimes you can see only the information of registration of the bride or not see at all this information. As consequence, you do not know, probably the girl was just registered and does not come to a site again in general, or it visits on a site once a month. We place the information when Russian or Ukrainian bride was last time on a site. You can write to ladies who come regurarly to a dating site who is serious and Understand, that construction of attitudes requires time and fidelity. Or you can try to write to the lady who was some time back on a dating site. Nobody could Have written to it, and bride did not come to see its empty mail box.

Online support chat

You do not understand something? You want some help? We work individually. You can always come to us to support online chat and talk with the manager and ask your questions. We are always happy to help.

Anti-scam program

We have our program of anti internet fraud which helps us to sift far majority scammer that wrecker appointing appointment to dating sites. It is a problem of Russian appointing appointment to it a little bit active The criminal groups operating under various names and pictures discredit all Russian brides and dating agencies. Certainly, it is impossible to The confident 100 percent, that we have no them, but our system (subscription) helps us to have good contact to our users and the certificate very quickly.

Advice of a psychologist

Do you want to seek the advice of our psychologist in your relationship with your Russian wife or bride? Or there is just something that worries you and you would like to discuss it, please feel free to ask our psychologist.

If your sweetest dream is to marry a beautiful Russian bride, than our site is the right place for you to start with!

Rose for Russian bride

The thing that makes our site different from other Internet marriage agencies dealing with "Russian brides" is that we provide real dating and matchmaking services. We do not sell bride's or bridegroom emails or any information about our clients. Here you can use one of the safest ways of dating and ask in marriage a Russian lady in the Internet.

The site has many useful features to help you find pretty Russian bride, and it has multi-level anti-scam program.

get your love

Sensible people usually don't trust only their intuition in solution of serious problems. Our PI test estimates 25 factors of the couple's compatibility. You will find the results of express-estimation placed near the foto of each girl and get precise and detailed science prognosis of you further relations.

Near some of the profiles of brides on this site you can see the words "Verified information". It means that we checked the single lady, either she is from Moscow, or an other Russian or Ukrainian sity and we checked her paper personally or she is from another city and sent her paper to us by mail.

The identity of photos and names does not guarantee that the personality described in the profile is the same as in life ( we all want to show at our best :)). We check the information using psychological Test (PI), acknowledged by specialists the best basic methodic.

Three kinds of agencies where you can meet a Russian bride

Sites where you pay for each letter "delivered to a bride"

The expensive and doubtful way to meet single Russian women.

Men are told by these agencies that Russian or Ukrainian ladies do not have Internet at home, so the Russian Brides have to come to the office to read their letters. Men can buy their contact information- postal address and name with surname. But as postal mail goes very slow men have to use the services of these agencies and pay for each letter "delivered to your dear lady" and her replies.

Is a little prophetic which seem mysterous to me in it: "branch" 1. Where they do find many women who have no the Internet on work or houses, or Who cannot go to the Internet-cafe? Yes, approximately 8 years ago, only 20 percent of women had access to the Internet and had e-mail addresses. Others have all To arrive to matchmaking agencies, to write and read through letteres. But 8 years have passed since then, and the situation has changed more likely considerably. And even 4 years Back I have met on these girls of sites who had electronic letters on my sites, but had no there. Very strange!

2. Many such sites suggest to pay for delivery of the letter to the lady, and they guarantee the answer of the girl. But women not cars, not a Computer. How you can guarantee the answer? If it does not love it? (yes, yes, brides have also them preferances, and them loves and Hostility). Beautiful Brides receive the big attention why it should answer all 100 single men who write to it?

3. The third puzzling question: I have helped some single men who have asked that I have put letters to Russian bride which post address they have bought. I have sent special Letters which send with acknowledgement (the chief of post office checks, that the letter deliver the people living in an apartment personally, have them Attributes and then send acknowledgement back, that the letter successfully delivered. It was very puzzling. People who had these post addresses Received letters it is good, but any answer. To send back letter it was free for these Russian or Ukrainian pretty girls (but I doubt, that it there were girls, letters were The sent good interesting, active men and.. Any answer) - in letters was an empty envelope. But alas, no answers ever were given.

4. The fourth thing which places me on the alert, - that much beautiful Russian girls write there to men. My experience speaks me it, if the Beautiful girl also has greater photos if it not the informer, it can write to single men, but only in the first day of its membership when it does not know Nevertheless, if it will be very written or not. But then it is very written, and will doubtfully write itself to men. It should lead much from Time answering its mail (quickly to answer in a computer but to write all answers manually as to us speak agencies, - a huge problem.).

And this kind of matchmaking sites - it is valid exspensive. When on my site the person comes to Russia to meet its attractive ladies, they have exchanged by then at least Approximately 99 letters. The some people are able to write approximately 50 letters every day and so to write approximately 1000 and more letters, while the single person does not come to meet this bride. If pay 3 usd for each letter can to imagine you the price for a building relatinship with one pretty woman (hoping, that it is real).

Dating Sites where emails of Russian ladies are sold

Dating Site which sells e-mail addresses?

The Third problem before which I have appeared, trying to make this kind of a site, - a problem of a choice. Yes, you can sell e- mail addresses of pretty lady, but you cannot force to answer them single men. The girl can free interest (yesterday, it had the big number with its friend and addressed to some agency of marriage, Today, it loves it again), or it only would not like the person who has written to it. Our Brides not the goods, they are free, they choose Directly, and if the girl is beautiful, it can approximately receive 20 letters every day, she can choose (yes, some sites offer them of money for the answer, but me Practice thinkihis is dishonest, it is clear, that anything serious will not arrive from it, but the person will be only a free time). But again men do Do not know, whether their letter of the addressee has reached.

The Following problem consists that some pretty Russian women who were registered on a matchmaking site, are able to find the suiter whom they wish to see as their partner in a life very much Very quickly (it there can be one or two weeks). which They register, two weeks of the communications with various single men and then they delete themselves from Dating Site as they have found their only thing and to wish to try to build attitudes with it. On a subscription matchmaking site it by way of, it has removed And next day bridegroom see bride, that it is removed and not interested it is more. But if they have bought its e-mail why she has disappered, them Have no anybody to ask. To not tell anything, about many matchmaking agencies which prefer not disactivate such female structure even after it has asked to delete herself. (If this structure will bring to you approximately 100 usd in day you will wish to kill this hen who puts gold eggs?).

Subscription sites

This site - a subscription site. It means, that you are registered and after you pay, and become Gold member, you have full access to system. You can write to any Russian or Ukrainian Brides to it Is in gallery, Brides answer you on your mail box on a site. You have various ways to show your interest for girls of your choice. They have this opportunity also. The Russian women do not pay on this site, they become gold after we check their structure and we make active it. If you As the girl, and it loves you then you can wish to exchange by personal e-mail and to communicate there, or you can wish to use a site further To communicate (some pairs prefer, as, the site has the free translator online). You can hide at any moment your structure - then only brides of whom you Have written will see your structure, all others will not see you in gallery.

This kind of sites has problems also.
1. The main problem consists that some single person prefer to have the slow approach - they send numerous, blinks to each girl It has caught their interest then they send its cards, then begin an attack with an ice break. But to 25 such letters of the girl are tired from them Attributes of attention, but without result also delete themselves from a site (especially if single person try to excite Russian brides in reply to them with such means.

2. The second problem consists that some single person are registered and wait " for beautiful Russian young girls to write to them. But then they are disappointed: (We, thouroughly clear a site of informers, thus "pretty girls" with the greater photos writing to all men from 20 up to 80 do not work here) men have Letters, but not from that Russian lady, they want, sometimes they have children, sometimes they have no age which they want and so on. It is real The girl and we cannot make the girl, if it is beautiful and young (25 y.o. ) to write to men up to 55 y.o. It is free. If the person wants it, it should work directly, to Choose, to write.

3. We have no control over girls. We can remove also them if they operate with not appropriate way, but it is all. The girl can arrive to a site today, Then in 2 months, then arrive very often, they again disappear during some time. We can even call to them and ask to answer letters, but they have For example the winter, and it enters into their nerves, they feel dark, cold and do not think neither of any attitudes and cannot hope nor on what, but then The spring arrives also changes of mood, and it is full of hopes, and plans arrives to a dating site every day and only then finds someone.

4. This kind of service is good for attractive Russian brides who can arrive often to the Internet, in a site then they are in the first pages of search and Have many letters, but others which are registered and wait for the notice on new letters to them, can meet disappointment. They have no letters.

Free dating sites

I not against free sites for the international and usual dating. If people can support and develop business, doing advertising on pages From a site then it by way of. But it is usual these sites have following problems:

1. They very seldom can render completely borrowed support to a site, and informers are able to register and send many messages before they are removed. It If they are removed. We worked within 3 years, thinking of it before we have made our multilevel protection of antifraud which helps to understand good girls From informers.

2. The following problem consists that single women are not protected there from a new kind of nigerian informers that work with women and women of fraud is a lot of as though They were the American men.

3. We have on a site psychological test, the translator online, I do not understand, how it is possible to provide it on free sites of dating. And in mine Opinion, it is easy to pay 39 usd within a year than to have free dating, and then to arrive to Russia (will pay 3000 usd for a trip), and see that the girl Not compatible to you. This kind of a site can usually give to you the basic dating. If you are ready to risk it, to you to solve.

The most common mistakes men do
when they search for a wife in Russia

1. Judge pretty women on photos. Photos Glamourous, photos as though they - from female magazine, draw attention. It is interesting, but 80 percent From letters are received by 20 percent of women. But they are no more beautiful, they are no more interesting than others. They have only better Pictures than others.

sexy bride Men do not pay attention to psychological test result, on compatibility. But they will live with the woman, not with pictures. They will be unfortunate If they have the beautiful wife who is, always does numbers or moaning is constant and does not wish to sleep with them.

Rather recently I spoke with the person from Spain, it complained, that it has acquainted the Internet with several single Russian ladies, they were Completely fascinating spirit in their pictures, but when it has arrived to meet them, they were only averages, not superusual not as those models on podiums.

It went on streets of St.-Petersburg and saw many beautiful Russian girls circulation along the street, they were not in Hasten, spoke with their friends, lauphed it is a lot of. Why then it has made meets the Russian ladies who were beautiful in pictures, but tired, sad, no Amusing? Yes, it can happen also. If the girl exausts it is direct with work (it should to care, for example, one about its child or it should rent apartmnet and it are very dear in Russia), it looks not its best, and you cannot imagine, how it changes after rest or after it does not require To work so difficultly. Casually, all Russian girls , that it has met, difficultly worked, and it saw them after the full working day (in One case after a night shift). And it saw in street Russian girls who had holiday or was students and so had a vacation or At all does not work in general as they had friends who worried about them. It-, where from such distinction!

2. The second mistake which men who search for the Russian bride, do, - result of it also. Many men search for models on appearance, they want To be envy all of them of friends. But they wish to live with normal girls - warm, kind, betraid.

But the majority of girls which are similar to models, does not want real attitudes, they want only man's admiration, they wish to be the center of attention. But They do not require affinity, affinity, heat.

The second reason - that even if there is such sample who combines exemplary occurrence with heat and comfort. They are very rare. We have a joke About it: "branch" Two men sits about a fireplace. One person speaks a sight on fire. I was never married in my life. - why? - I was alwasy Search of the fine woman for me. - and? Unless you did not find it? - is not present, I have found it. But I was not the fine person for it.

It is a sad joke, but I have met some men who operated as it, and I saw them on various sites within more than 10 years.

3. Men are registered to a site, but they do not wish to place any photo there, or they place a photo where it is impossible to see them, or they place Awful photos. Some men amuse themselves illusion, that pictures do not mean anything for women. Men choose pictures, but women prefer them To write clever words, write about their trades, their hobby. Yes, it is good, when you write much about you, but for women is much certain Your pictures. They do not want, that men were similar to models (actually, models of men will most possibly frighten off them, but they wish to see your smile, To see your eyes, to feel calmness and reliability which arrives from you, for the some people, it is important to see you in your house. And only then they will be Read about your hobbies, about your interests and that you love. They - often easy victims of informers - informers do not pay attention to pictures And ready to answer or write to them it is direct, not asking new pictures.

4. Following mistake - a choice! Men only cannot stop (some women - in it also). The best - the enemy good enouph. They find someone, meet, Everything is all right, but they continue to look and search for new single women. They are poisoned by idea from which probably somewhere there is a person Than whom it is better, who is more interesting.

5. But strategy, that surpsises me most of all - the attitude of some men, which require 10 times (or something as this) acknowledgement that it The specific woman wishes to communicate with them. They send women a blinking, receive the letter or a blinking in exchange, then send it a card, receive Something, then blink, blink, blink, after such 6 of " attributes of attention " the majority of women start to get tired from it and to stop to answer. Then they continue To send these attributes to women of its choice. But the Russian girls are not interested not so by them.

6.Approximately 50 percent of men which are registered on a site, prefer to employ and then to wait for beautiful Russian girls, to write to them. The assumption who has more Letters, there is more than choice and more opportunities to find their love, these of 50 percent who only sits and waits for their girl of dream to write to them or Men who are active directly who searches for itself and who answers also women who write to them? Yes, the second group of men has much more above Opportunities, especially if to consider, that many women do not wish to be initiators of the communications, they have traditional representations On it and men of the attitude as the active party.

old single men 7. Last general mistake consists that men wish to find that many women visit in Russian and only then arrive, but actually women who were interested Their free interest after some time and search someone, men continue their search in attempt to find more lady, but again, the some people Single lady do not wish to wait its unknown time and after some time when it does not answer when it can arrive, they stop to be interested In it. It is infinite process for them.
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